Furniture by nature. The materials used are from fallen Mahogany trees caused by typhoons. The trees are given “new life” by turning them into functional tools that enliven Filipino homes.


Farming Since 2004

It all started as a dream: I grew up in a farming community. My grandparents and parents were farmers. Naturally, I wanted to become a farmer too!

But driven by my desire "to earn", I took up Chemical Engineering in De La Salle University, passed the board exam, and landed a job in a multinational company, UNILEVER. I moved from one technical field to another, including a three-year assignment at its head office in London. I experienced different roles from technical to sales to marketing to finally, a general management position as Chief Executive Officer of Unilever's Food Division.

In 2004, after 32 years of corporate life, I opted for an early retirement. I may not have a formal education in farming but with my innate skills plus general management experience, I planted the seeds of my dream. I was 54 years old then. Indeed, it is never too late to start something that you are passionate about.

Speaking of "passion", I actually named the farm after my wife, Socorro, as an open love letter to her.

-Marcial "MARS" Aaron, Founder & Farmer